Frequently Asked Questions       
Frequently Asked Questions   

Why should I have an account at eSkybird?
When you visit eSkybird, you have the option of getting an eSkybird user account. An eSkybird user account gives you free access to these valuable features: (1) To list items for sale. (2) To buy any items. (3) To ask questions to sellers or us. (4) To receive messages from other people. (5) To obtain a free business website for yourself.

How do I get a user account at eSkybird?
Getting a user account is so easy; just go to "Register" yourself into our system, and that's all. Your user account is then successfully established; you can then start your business here.

How do I correct or update my personal information?
To change, correct, or update your personal information, please firstly log in to your account, then go to My eSkybird page and click on the Update My Personal Information button.

How does it work to order from you?
(1) We must clarify to you that you are not buying from eSkybird. Any thing listed for sale is from our users, not from us.
(2) You select whatever you want to buy and add them to your shopping cart from each item's detailed information page.
(3) You then check out to pay immediately or pay later. Once complete checking out, you will have a Purchase Number allowing you to quote in the future when you do paying or checking.
(4) After you have made the payment to us, the seller will be notified and send the item to you.

Would I get a tax invoice from you?
No, because eSkybird is not the seller. If you do need a tax invoice, please contact the seller and ask for one.

How do I know how my purchase is going?
Log in to eSkybird and go to the My eSkybird page, there you can then track your purchase by clicking on the "Under Process Orders".

How to get more detailed conditions about making a purchase?
Generally speaking, each purchase condition could be very different because each item is sold by different sellers with different selling terms and conditions. Sellers make their own terms about the price, payment method, delivery, refund and all other condition. To know all of these, you need to see the detailed information about the item that you are interested with; there you will see all these detailed terms from the seller. If you have queries, please just press the "Ask Questions" button to mail the seller for answers. You can even bargain with the seller for a lower price and better services.

Can I cancel my purchase?
No, you can not. You should not buy if you are not sure what you want; but once you buy it, you are obligated and liable to fulfill the purchase. You can not simply change your mind for a purchase.

What if I'm unhappy with my purchase?
If you are unhappy with your purchase because you don't like your choice of colour, size, functionality or style, you should not expect us to do any thing for you in this case. However, if what you get is not as good as described by the seller, then you should complain to the seller for a solution. If you buy through , you are actually highly protected by our money back guarantee program, you should then complain to us providing with the detailed product information and request for a money back; we will support you and give you money back once we know your nature of problem is genuine. You should read for more detailed information about eGuard by clicking here .

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